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For the Grammy Awards in the category of Best Improvised Jazz Solo:

Best Improvised Jazz Solo

Michael Gallant

"Above All Else"

Michael Gallant - Above All Else Album Cover (Sm).jpg

Watch the visualization video:

Stream via SoundCloud:

Produced by Michael Gallant and Rachel Rossos

Engineered by Josh Giunta at GSI Studios in New York City

Mixed and mastered by Kevin Blackler

When I let myself sink into playing unchained, fully-improvised solo piano, I feel tied to the world in a way that's explosive and peaceful and impossible to reproduce in any other context. 

"Above All Else," the track I'm submitting for Best Improvised Jazz Solo this year, was recorded in that style and spirit. The piece is multi-thematic and was improvised from first note to final silence. 

The name "Above All Else" refers to the pandemic, what it's burned off, what remains. After nearly two years of pain and corrosion, what we hold tight to and refuse to compromise - that's what we cherish above all else. 

If nothing else, I hope that listening to this track brings you some small level of peace during this inside-out time. 

Thank you so much for listening, and for your consideration.

-Michael Gallant

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